Ready to use screen printed textile transfers.
Use your own artwork or we can do it for you.
No cutting, no weeding, no secondary processes.


Take the hassle out of transfers.
No weeding necessary.
Transfers arrive, ready to use.


High quality full colour print comparable to litho.
Without borders or solid backgrounds.
Suitable for small orders at an economic cost.


The Custom Transfer Specialists

We offer a wide range of high quality textile transfers.


Established in 1976, multi award winning Jester Prints uses a wide range of production techniques enabling it to cater for all sizes of order from the very smallest to multi-thousand quantities.

Every type of transfer we produce arrives with the customer ready to use with no weeding or secondary processes required.

If you already have a transfer press to apply cut vinyl transfers, or cure DTG prints, then you have all the equipment you need to be able to use Jester transfers.

In the five minutes it may take you to cut and weed a moderately tricky transfer, or for your DTG to finish printing, you could have printed 9 or 10 Jester transfers freeing up time to print more shirts, make more sales, or simply work less hours.

Our range of transfers includes – School Leavers transfers, Tuftrans, Hot Split, Flock, Digital Process and Litho Process.



Take the hassle out of transfers. No weeding necessary, transfers arrive with you ready to use.

  • Every minute you spend cutting and weeding a transfer could be spent printing two t-shirts with Jesters Transfers.
  • Impossible to weed fine text or detail, in one or multicolour is easily achieved.
  • So for higher quantities, or complicated designs, it makes sense to buy Jester Transfers.

Transfers in a variety of finishes for most types of fabric.


NEW! A combination of a digitally printed full colour image backed up with a screen printed Tuftrans adhesive.

Small orders are possible at an economic cost. The print quality is very comparable to litho printed transfers. Digital Tuftrans prints wash well without fading and fine detail print and text is usually possible without the need for borders or solid backgrounds. Supplied on translucent film making transfer positioning very straightforward.

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Ready to use screen printed textile transfers from your own artwork or we will do it for you. No cutting, no weeding, no secondary processes.

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Our most popular and versatile transfer with excellent adhesion to cotton, mixtures & most synthetics. Very wide window of application enabling good adhesion over a range of different temperatures.

Tuftrans prints don’t need any kind of border or outline so, when applied, only the ink comes off the paper.

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Hot Split transfers provide the look & feel of a quality screen print but with the benefits associated with the use of transfers.

Primarily for use on white or light coloured fabrics.

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A highly opaque print with a three dimensional quality.

Single colour transfers with a tactile, soft velvet feel.

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The cheapest type of full colour transfer we produce.

This type of print is mainly suitable for images printed within a simple shape. Small lettering or fine detail may have to be backed up with a solid shape in white or coloured vinyl.

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For high quality, photographic, images. Available for quantities of 100+.

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